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About EAST
South Florida is a vibrant and robust market but the overload of options can be troublesome and time consuming.
EAST is a unique lifestyle publication that refines content to a more manageable volume. EAST does not want to be all things for all people. We have a very clear target audience and we aim to serve our 15,000-plus readers very well.
EAST targets local professionals living or working on the east-central part (Delray Beach to Hollywood) of South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties).
EAST has a voice that connects with a range of professionals from recent college graduates looking for a cheap lunch spot but also with 45-year-old attorneys looking for . . . a cheap lunch spot, or a new car or a great place for an evening out.
EAST is not a print publication simply posted on the web for online reading. EAST started with the online reader square in mind. More and bigger pictures; shorter articles (with links to longer articles “off-magazine”).
EAST seeks to be the most convenient and respected source for living the good life in our part of paradise.