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Nine reasons to consider advertising in EAST Magazine
1. LESS CLUTTER – our goal is not to be all things to all people so we won’t have the kind of clutter normally seen in lifestyle publications; and we mean editorial clutter as well as advertising clutter.
2. DIRECT LINKS to your website or even specific web page where buyers can purchase products, tickets or make reservations. Our readers are one click away from purchasing what’s on your advertisement. Also, ads can contain multiplelinks to different web pages of your choosing.
3. DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR ONSCREEN VIEWING: we conceived the magazine to be viewed on a computer screen so the editorial decisions, the design decisions and even the choice of which advertisers to pursue is based on creating a magazine that connects with readers – on their computer screen.
4. FREQUENT – EAST combines the color and sophistication of glossy-page magazines that are usually monthly or bi-monthly with the frequency allowed by internet distribution.
5. QUICK DELIVERY – with reserved space, your ad can be inserted within 72 hours of distribution. Since our delivery days are Thursdays, your weekend event or special can be delivered to thousands of readers quickly and when many are making weekend plans.
6. ALWAYS AVAILABLE – readers can get a copy of EAST from any computer with internet access.
7. NO ADVERTORIAL: we know that readers demand editorial objectivity and so do we. Advertising will be kept strictly separate from editorial content and recommendations.
8. DIVERSE AUDIENCE – DIVERSE CONTENT: the focus is working-age professionals but that means many ethnicities in our market area. EAST will embrace and reflect that diversity in its pages.
9. CONTEMPORARY: we will not be the “society pages” your mother read in her lifestyle magazine. Readers want harder, edgier content along with the standard society pictures from the big, black-tie gala.